About Us

LighthouseBulbs is a leading supplier of light bulbs, lamps, tubes, and other electrical supplies in the UK. Through our website you have instant access to a selection of our stock range, although our shop carries a far greater variety of supplies; if you require any domestic electrical products which are not on our website, please enquire through our contact page.

With fast-next-day delivery you can purchase direct to your door light bulbs in all shapes and sizes, from Candle 35mm and 45mm bulbs; Golfball bulbs; Round Globe bulbs; Charmlight bulbs; Craftlight bulbs; Strip lights; Architectural tubes; Reflector Lamp bulbs; Par 38 Reflector bulbs; Crown Mirror light bulbs; halogen lights; dichroic lamps and fluorescent tubes, to name a few.

Based in Norfolk, LighthouseBulbs is an element of Lighthouse Contract Ltd. Electrical Contracts and Retailers, and has gained a strong reputation as one of the UK’s leading electrical and light bulb suppliers to trade, workplace and home consumers.

Whether you require more specialist lighting, for security or a designer installation, we can supply our customer with the ideal solution from top branded manufacturers at exceptional prices.

Should you require more help or information, please contact us today.